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SLANT - Science, Literacy and Art iNtegration

SLANT Presenting at Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference in October 2012

Making Science Learning Visible for All with SLANT  - On Saturday October 6th,  Kim Campisano and Mission High Biology teacher, Susan Boshoven will lead a workshop examining the question:  How can we engage students from diverse cultures in the fields of Science, Sustainability and Environmental Justice while making evidence of their learning and understanding visible and tangible?
This workshop is the outcome of work with a 10th grade Biology class serving English Language Learners and the school garden at Mission High School. This workshop provides opportunities to engage in scientific practices, such as field work, data collection, and analysis. But it also challenges participants to tell the story of the school yard through creative aesthetic visual and audio media.  We will provide strategies for incorporating media tools that are readily accessible to most classrooms, as well as time to practice and demonstrate student collaboration and presentation.