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Archiving & Summer Transitions

Are you wondering what happens to your gradebooks, your websites, and any other School Loop-related items during your summer break? This page is designed to help you understand and complete the tasks for closing out the current school year and preparing for the next academic year.


If you want to make sure your final exam grades are saved, then you will need to create a separate gradebook for marking period grades + the final exam grade. This normally is called a “semester gradebook”. Links to the step-by-steps related to creating a final semester gradebook are detailed on this page.

Please note that only published grades, including the final exam grade in your gradebook, will be available through the Course Archives feature.

It is recommended that you download each of the gradebooks you have used throughout the school year. To download any gradebook, follow the instructions here: How to Download a Gradebook.

Course Archives

Your course assignments, notes, course lockers, and progress reports are automatically archived during the summer, after the school year has ended. Please note that only published grades are archived. Saving a gradebook is not the same as publishing grades. Please see the step-by-step “How to Publish Grades”.


As long as you remain at the same school site, your “My Site” website should remain untouched from school year to school year. However, your course websites will not be saved because your courses change over at the beginning of the next school year. There are two options for your course websites. Since course websites are archived automatically, you can wait until the following school year to copy over any pages from your course websites to your new school year websites.

The other option, if you would like to work on a course website over the summer, is to create a mini-site under your “My Site” page and copy your existing course website to this new mini-site. This will be unpublished, and will not transfer over events or items in your course locker. You can work on this copy of your course website and when the new school year arrives and your courses are in place, you will be able to copy the page to your new course website.

Electronically-submitted Homework

You can use the Firefox Add-on “DownThemAll”* to download all homework submitted by students via the Dropbox by going to the Assignment Scorecard page from within your gradebook. Follow the instructions as detailed within School Loop’s Help documentation.

*DownThemAll is not a feature that the SFUSD School Loop team directly supports.


Items in “My Locker” remain in your locker from year to year. If you are leaving the school site at the end of the current school year, and if there are any items in your locker that you would like to save, you can download them.

Items in your course lockers are archived from year to year just prior to the new academic year, so you will be able to access any items saved via the Course Archives.

There is no “download all” feature in School Loop; however, School Loop has a help page for downloading multiple files using a Firefox Add-on called “DownThemAll!”*.

You can follow the step-by-step instructions for saving the contents of a locker, one file at a time.

*DownThemAll is not a feature that the SFUSD School Loop team directly supports.