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Saving Your Stuff

Are you graduating from high school or moving schools this year but would like to save your Dropbox homework or items in your School Loop locker? This page will help you save your files.

My Locker

Items remain in your locker from year to year. If you are leaving the school site at the end of the current school year, and if there are any items in your locker that you would like to save, you can download them. There is no “download all” feature in School Loop; however, School Loop has a help page for downloading multiple files using a Firefox Add-on called “DownThemAll!”*:

Here are some alternate instructions for saving the contents of a locker, one file at a time.

*DownThemAll is not a feature that the SFUSD School Loop team directly supports.

Dropbox (Electronically Submitted Homework)

If you have submitted any homework online and would like to save it, as long as your teacher has published grades, you will be able to view your submitted work and download it. In the Dashboard area, click the “Progress Report” link next to a course. This will bring up the individual assignments and grades that make up your grade for the current grading period. Under the “Submitted Work” column, you should be able to see any homework you have submitted via the Dropbox. Click on a link, then click “Save” to save your homework to a local computer or to a flash drive.

To view submitted homework from prior grading periods, next to “All Progress Reports” click the down arrow and select a different date. This date usually indicates the end of a grading period. Click “Go”, then follow the instructions in the previous paragraph.