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Who to Contact

1) If you have questions about how to use the School Loop gradebooks, click on the red "Help" link at the top of this page. Teachers may also email help@schoolloop.com.  

2)  If you have issues with class rosters, course conflicts or any data related issues, please email the Help Desk at help@sfusd.edu.

3) Lastly, the SFUSD IT School Loop team, can be reached at schoolloop@sfusd.edu.   

Scenario III

Scenario III: Description

Multiple gradebooks are created for each marking period, with different point totals for each. The final semester grade is the sum total point value of all three marking periods. When creating a final semester gradebook, please make sure the gradebook dates span two days, beginning the day after the end of the cumulative gradebook. The final semester gradebook has three assignments, one for each marking period, with a maximum point value for each assignment that is equal to the total of points for each marking period.

Scenario III

Scenario III: Instructions