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Science, Literacy and Art Integration in the Twenty-First Century Locker

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SLANT - Science, Literacy and Art iNtegration

SLANT Presenting at Teachers 4 Social Justice Conference in October 2012

Making Science Learning Visible for All with SLANT - On Saturday October 6th, Kim Campisano and Mission High Biology teacher, Susan Boshoven will lead a workshop examining the question: How can we ...more

SFSU-CSME Math & Science Future Teacher Fellows Orientation with SLANT!

On August 24th, SLANT was honored to present, along with host institution, the California Academy of Sciences, an orientation for Sf State Math & Science undergrads and credential candidates. Now these pre-service teachers can experience the integration of artistic and scientific observation and investigation in the form of Expeditions, Field Notes and Analysis...changing the future of education!!!

SLANT Teacher Institute

Starting June 12, 2012 the San Francisco Unified School District, in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum, launched the 2nd SLANT Summer Institute for teachers of all levels in the Bay Area. Throughout the week, forty teachers explored strategies and techniques to integrate art and science education in the classroom. 


5 Ways To Integrate

21st Century Skills Toolkit


What are the 21st Century Skills Toolkits?

•    The skills themselves are part of our Vision for student success and are integrated into our instructional model

•    They are a resource to supplement the work that our school sites are already doing

•    They are a lens and framework to have discussions about our vision for student success

•    They are available online via the https://district.sfusd.edu/dept/apd/21st

•    They were developed over the past year by Kristin Brown and APD

•    They are for teachers, administrators, et al

•    They are a starting point, a living document

•    For site administrators they provide an investigate framework/equity lens as they assess the performance and offerings of their school from a college and career ready perspective. 

•    For classroom teachers the toolkits help ensure that our students are not only mastering the standards but are also becoming prepared for college and career success in the 21st Century.

Aesthetic Sensibility Toolkit

Communication Toolkit

Critical and Creative Thinking Toolkit

Multicultural Toolkit

Social, Environmental, and Civic Responsibilities Toolkit

Strength of Character Toolkit

Upcoming events

Teachers Thoughts on SLANT

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Listen to more teachers' SLANT at the Teacher Testimonial  page.

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